Friday, May 17, 2013

Barefoot Fitness Professional-Kriste Brushaber

If Kriste Brushaber isn't in her clinic teaching clients barefoot fitness methods, she might be out on a mountain trail or rock climbing-barefoot.

She is the owner of Homeostasis Movement, a unique and advanced clinic that provides many types of therapy and focuses on natural body movements, beginning with having the client go barefoot.

Kriste Brushaber out for a climb

"For any movement or health concept to become a natural part of who we are- becoming an integral part of the body-mind's subconscious communication system- a purposeful, holistic approach adaptable to each person's unique circumstances is required," says Kriste.
What's more natural than being barefoot?
More importantly, by having her client be barefoot, she is able to eliminate the constraints create by mas-produced shoes.

"For foot dynamics, this includes the willingness to go all the way: completely eliminating non-minimalist shoes, only wearing minimalist shoes when absolutely necessary, and choosing bare feet over all. And, this must become part of a wholehearted shift into living from a new level of body mind consciousness- a higher awareness governing our perception of ourselves and the environment at every moment which will ultimately determine our health potential."

Kriste began her fitness career as a Pilates teacher and expanded her scope and became a movement therapist. The foot is the foundation for all types of therapy that goes way beyond walking and running.

"Holistic barefoot dynamics is integral to the Homeostasis Movement™ program, meaning it's not all about the foot, albeit a critical part. Even when I present biomechanical, physiological, psychological, and energetic foot facts and experiential exercises for educational presentation, these concepts are reunited with whole body-mind dynamics as swiftly as possible."

Kriste is referring to "re-educating" the body so it can learn or re-learn how to move so that a person can recover from an injury and break bad habitual movement patterns. Every case is as unique as the person she is helping.

 "Depending on the client, it can be a chicken-or-egg scenario: if they have disconnects within specific realms of the body such as the pelvis or shoulder girdle, are self-conscious about their feet such as feeling feet are icky or ugly, or a specific neurological block due to something like a closed-head injury, the communication from and to the feet won't be efficient. A foot can only behave as well as the communication it clearly receives from all sources through environment and body-mind. Barefoot practices can significantly help wire the missing communication network- what I call "blind spots"- throughout the body-mind, but must be integrated with additional practices that functionally and holistically 'map the territory'. "

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