Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Barefoot holy figures, conclusion

Barefoot holy figures-Almost Barefoot

"Do not come any closer," God said. "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground." Exodus 3:5

There are different variations of this passage, depending on which version of the bible one reads.

The message is God speaking to Moses. Moses is the prophet most universally-recognized by all three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). He is regarded in all three religions as a holy man, and he is barefoot on holy ground upon the instruction of God.

Jews and Muslims typically avoid producing images of holy figures, although our research shows that not all Muslim sects explicitly prohibit visual portrayals of Muhammad, but typically, visual representations will be limited to lesser holy figures such as Moses, and the same applies to Judaism.

In all three Abrahamic religions, "God Almighty" is not seen, only heard, so we won't find visual representations of deities, shod or unshod. 

We see visuals of Christianity's Jesus and Mary, of Wicca's many representations of Goddess, as well as goddesses of non-Wiccan pagan religions, and we see numerous representations of Buddha and the Hindu's acknowledged son of God, Krishna, and countless other manifestations of Hindu gods and goddesses all of whom are barefoot when inhuman form.

SO we conclude that no matter who the holy figure is that is represented, that figure is ALMOST always BAREFOOT.

A statue of the Goddess Sophia

Mary, appearing as Our Lady of Grace

Jesus, the Good Shepard

A popular portrayal of the Wiccan Goddess's three forms, or "Triple Goddess" , from left to right, the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone

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