Monday, May 20, 2013

You can work with Bare Foot Ken Bob

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is touring he nation and announcements say there are still opportunities to help support his tour and make a great connection with one of the greatest gurus of barefoot running! Keep reading below this picture of the original barefoot running guru to connect directly with Ken Bob and find out how you can support his tour as his direct representative!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read on....

Host a presentation or book signing, and it will help your venue too! Ken Bob is a purist. this ain't corporate running, my friend. You will have personal contact with him, and will be considered his direct representative. Just be prepared for Ken Bob's dog to be wherever he is, especially if you're offering lodging.

Please visit Ken Bob's web site:  directly for all the great details.

This is a fantastic opportunity to promote barefoot running and work with one of its best teachers!

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