Monday, May 13, 2013

Global barefooters-do leave comments!

In terms of what country has the most hits on Almost Barefoot, we're not keeping score.

But it is cool to look at the traffic and see where our hits are coming from.

As of now, Russian readers outnumber US readers 48 to 38. This is the first time ever that US readers aren't at the top of he list.

Last week, readers from Singapore were in third place.

We're attempting to do more research on barefooting in both countries. It appears that runners are again training barefoot in Singapore after a long absence. There were some findings that barefooting is frowned upon there and in most of Asia, but there weren't many details and we couldn't conclude anything.

We'd love comments and pictures from Singapore!

We found much more about Russia, although we'd love more details from readers willing to comment.

Russia has lots of barefoot models, and it seems that the tradition of summer barefooting outlived the stigma of serfdom created soon after surfs were freed in Russia in the 1800s and before the dark days of communism.

There's no doubt that the profile of
the lovely Olga Gavva, model, dancer and dance company leader helped increase our viewing. She's a great proponent of a responsible barefoot lifestyle and we thank her for her contribution to the arts as well as to the global barefoot community. 

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