Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flush free radicals just by being barefoot

We all want to keep our bodies' systems clean, live long and avoid cancer.

So we all worry about free radicals-pollutants in our body that literally rust and corrode inside us and cause internal pollution that raises all the risks we seek to reduce, not to mention make us feel tired and weak in the present tense.

We relentlessly seek ways to get good antioxidants to get the free radicals out, but there's another way to kill free radicals:

Go barefoot outside each day.

Barefoot runner Michael Sandler calls it "Earthing".  He invented this verb that says go barefoot out on the natural ground each day to reconnect the body with the ionic charge of the Earth.

Why?   Our bodies accumulate a positive ionic charge in the human world, due to our electronic devices and other interferences from the non-natural world. The Earth has a negative charge. SO as we connect our feet literally to the ground, we are "grounding" the positive charge in a scientific sense and neutralizing the free radicals in our body so that they cease to be harmful inside of us.

To read in depth about the homeopathic benefits of Earthing, read "Barefoot Walking", the newly-released book by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee. (Random House, 2013)

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