Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Barefooter thrown off plane for being shoeless....

When you go through airport security, TSA agents will make you take off  your shoes. One would think, given this rule, which thus forces airline passengers to wear easily-removable shoes, that the last thing flight attendants would take issue with is being barefoot in your seat.

But Professor Daniel Howell was thrown off a plane for nothing other than being barefoot in his seat, buckled up, minding his business.

"You would think, in this day and age with shoe bombers, that barefoot passengers would be welcome, but not at U.S. Airways," he said.

Howell's website has many useful link.  At right, Daniel Howell, Ph.D

Howell is an Associate Professor at Liberty University and author of The Barefoot Book, where talks about how 90% of modern foot problems can be linked to shoes. He's an avid barefoot runner and educator.

The link below is Howell's interview on the Today Show about, you guessed it, the benefits of going barefoot, where he also explains his experience with attempting to fly barefoot.


This is a fantastic interview for a lot of reasons.

His two, high-heeled hostesses give him a warm welcome, and one even confesses to having had foot operations in order to continue wearing her high heels.

He does wear shoes to work as required, but says he often goes to restaurants barefoot.

"Lot's of places welcome me [barefoot]; f they don't, I'll take myself and my money somewhere else."

He credits Old Navy clothing stores with being barefoot friendly, and it was at Old Navy in the Roanoke, VA airport that he bought a pair of flip-flops in order to make himself be considered flightworthy.

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