Monday, May 20, 2013

Barefoot running pioneers-Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton

Ken Bob Saxton is a pioneer among barefoot runners in the shod world.

He is the elder "Guru of Shoeless Running" and is the author of "Barefoot Running, Step By Step", published in 2011 and has been promoting the sport online since 1997.

Barefoot running exploded in popularity around the time his book was published; it was the same year that Random House picked up Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee.

At age 57, Ken Bob is actively running plenty of races, and while his times are usually short, his beard is long.

"Great Movements are started by men with beards," says Richard Stillman, creator of GNU/Linux computing systems, who appears on the Beginning Barefoot Running website. There, Stillman talks of what his escalades in the computer world taught him about barefoot running-unconventional, outside-the-box thinking that gave us stuff like Linux and countless prior computer inventions. Stillman smiles in a picture with his long beard.

Ken Bob and his long beard, a signature as significant as hi bare feet. Photo source: cecs.csulab

For runners, thinking outside the box means getting your feet out from being inside shoes, a movement started by another man with a long beard Ken Bob Saxton. His website is busy, but with an endless supply of good information.

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