Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Global Barefooter-Denmark

Music is power. Making music and song requires a free-thinking, open mind and the heart to take yourself beyond the normal thinking constraints that define a person as "normal".

Danish Singer Emmelie de Forest is an artist who dared to take that step to assert herself on stage as the brilliant singing sensation that she is.

And when this strong and powerful woman took that step, she was barefoot, and barefoot she remains each time she sings to a bigger and bigger audience.

"Being barefoot makes me feel connected to the ground"

-Emmelie de Forest

De Forest was dubbed a front runner to win the 2013 Eurovision song contest, and she came through, barefoot and victorious, winning with her song : Only Teardrops

A review on her website says: "Although she did in fact win the national contest, she has never been a product designed to do so. Like her name suggests, she resembles a forest fairy – a natural child of the North, barefoot and with a sense of magic about her presence.

“I’ve never really liked singing while wearing high heels or any kind of shoes. Being barefoot makes me feel connected to the ground, and it makes me feel more relaxed,” she explains.

The career of this young, brilliant woman has just begun, and what can we say, we, too like to associate barefooting with good times.

"It’s always hard to pick one specific memory that marks the happiest moment of your life, but I have to say that winning the national final of the contest is one of them," Emmelie states.

Almost Barefoot wishes Emmelie many more successful songs, and also wises to thank Olga Gavva for spreading the news of Emmelie's success. 

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