Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The secret in the sidewalk: run barefoot for beautiful-looking feet

I've been stopped on the sidewalk by a number of people in the last month, all women, who want to know if running barefoot will make your feet look gross.

I showed them mine and asked them if they thought they looked gross.

They all saw the obvious answer was "no" they didn't look gross at all from running.

The secret  is in the sidewalk.

The pavement is the ultimate ex-foliant. Dead skin wears off naturally and the skin beneath thickens and becomes like pliable leather. Regular barefoot running is like a gentle pumice treatment that gets rid of the flakes without making your foot tender.

Ladies, if you'd prefer to hear this from a woman, then CLICK HERE. America's best-known female barefoot runner, Jessica Lee-Sandler, tells the naked truth, and it is very positive. The post is called: For women: the barefoot truth.

Jessica is president of the Runbare Company and is a wealth of positive knowledge.


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