Friday, April 26, 2013

Barefoot run in Boulder, CO

Colorado readers, come join us for a barefoot run!

JOIN US FOR THE DONUT DASH 1K or 5K Sunday, May 5 in Boulder!

Running a race at any pace entitles you to guiltless consumption of fine, all-natural donuts. What could be better at the finish line, especially if your only goal is to finish......well, you'll have to finish twice...first the race, then the donut.

The race is being hosted by Xero Shoes-yes-the running sandals on Shark Tank that our own Steven Sashen wears.

The 1K will be led by none other than Masters All-American guessed it! Steven Sashen. Ultra-runner, Bill Babcock, will take everyone out for the 5k.

It will start at the Xero Shoes office at 5470 Conestoga Ct. Boulder, CO 80301. We'll end up at Dizzy's Donuts, 1606 Conestoga St, Boulder, CO.

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