Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Global Barefooter-Hungary

It appears that Hungarians have overtaken the French as the next biggest group of readers at Almost Barefoot, so I took a cybertrip to Budapest and took a look at Mezitlabas Park, located near the ancient, historical capital of a once-again free country that is rich in history.

While barefooting was often shunned by the upper classes of Europe and while shoes have long been a symbol of affluent, barefooting remained in practice among many rural peoples in Europe and even was seen as a symbol of rugger strength.  Gypsy-style folk dancing among the cultures of Eastern Europe and Italy helped barefooting remain engrained in the regional culture. And now that the middle classes are discovering the the health benefits taken for granted by the ancient peoples, barefooting begins anew in Europe in parks.

Metro Budapest's Mezitlabas Park is one of many that have been built in Europe over the past 20 years. People come to these parks for the sole purpose of being able to go barefoot and reap the associated benefits. there are places to wash your feet when finished walking the variety of terrain on the paths.

Below, women enjoying the freedom of barefooting in Mezitlbas Park.

Photos from the park website

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