Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Barefooting in public

I'm not condoning going barefoot in public buildings. I'm also not saying I've never done it.

There are certain rules of etiquette and social norms we often follow even if they are not required by law.

I will repeat what I read, and that is that many claims that "health codes" prohibit  being barefoot in public places are bogus.

The Society for Barefoot Living has done repeated research to see what is and isn't legal in different states and found few codes that prohibit patrons of stores or restaurants from being barefoot. Establishments are generally left to address the issue at their own discretion.

I took a barefoot hike in a Colorado park and simply forgot to put on shoes afterward, when I walked into the park gift shop to buy a cup of coffee. An employee of the facility told me "health codes" prohibited being barefoot.

I didn't argue the point; I simply went outside to my parked car and got on my sandals that I'd left when I began my hike. After I'd left, I was not able to find any substantiated requirement for wearing shoes in that situation, and that letters from the state issued as late as 2009 verified that the current claim was bogus, provided no laws have changed since then.

I'll leave it up to you to decide for yourself, since I don't make laws in your life.

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