Friday, April 12, 2013

Barefoot runners & walkers, meet my coach!

I mentioned my coach and mentor Michael Sandler in my last post, and I'll be posting more about him and his wife, Jessica Lee-Sandler. Jessica founded the barefoot running club in Boulder, CO that I am now running (with events coming soon!). Jessica also founded the Runbare Company that has produced two books and a movie.

Jessie and Michael are now touring the country promoting their new book, Barefoot Walking.

You can meet the mentors who trained me and who made the obscure, barefoot running phenomenon into a mainstream topic that got every running shoe company on the minimalist shoe band wagon.

Today, they are finishing a two-week tour in California and will spend next week in Oregon, then a week in Washington State, followed by a return to where it all started-Colorado.

I am excited to see my friends; I  highly recommend every barefooter and everyone who even contemplated barefooting attend one of their talks if they come to your town. It's well worth the trek if you have to travel a bit to see them.

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Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee-Sandler

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