Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Barefoot Shoe Review-Xero Shoes

Simple is better...and makes this shoe the best choice.
(and why you will too!)
The shoe industry literally created its own bandwagon for minimalist shoes once the barefoot running became a mainstream concept. We have Nike Frees, Merrell "Barefoot" shoes (that are really anything but, given the shape of the sole) and many more.
Those of us who were barefooting when it was still an anomaly were drawn to Xero Shoes, a modern version of the running sandals still used by the legendary Tarahumara tribe of southern North America that were made famous by Christopher McDougall's book "Born to Run".
The modern version was first introduced as the "Invisible Shoe" by professional runner Steven Sashen and his wife Lena Phoenix. The product name was changed to Xero Shoes and is now a manufactured in Boulder, CO. The company is quite profitable and was featured earlier this year on the popular show Shark Tank.
The sandal moves in sync with your foot. It allows completely unrestricted, barefoot movement.

It also looks cool, can be worn with jeans, shorts and other attire. The sandals are offered with different laces and different-color soles, as well as to choices of sole thickness. I prefer the thinnest one (4mm, vs. 6mm)

I must admit I was very surprised at the amount of freedom of movement I had with these sandals,
and yet, they stayed firmly on my feet during lengthy runs. They are now my shoe of choice on days when the pavement is cold and wet enough to require some protection. So long as the air temperature is warm enough to avoid frostbite, I would rather wear these sandals than any shoe.
Total, complete barefoot movement. The sandal does not restrict your foot at all.

If you are a tad too skittish to run barefoot, this shoe is the answer.

If you'd prefer to go barefoot everywhere, but think that doing so is improper, this sandal is for you.


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