Monday, April 1, 2013

Barefoot running to look and feel good

No, your feet won't get gross from barefoot running!
I'm about to start the spring blitz, teaching barefoot running techniques, runners' Yoga and more.

Even those folks who find the idea odd still find it interesting and want to discuss it. Case and point, this blog has had over 450 hits in just a few weeks (Thank you, readers!).

Many people ask me if one's feet will start to look gross from barefooting.

The answer: NO!

You WON'T get callouses, in fact, because your feet are not rubbing inside shoes ,and because they are spread out on the ground and working the way nature intended them to work, the opposite will happen.

The skin of the feet will thicken naturally and evenly without callouses, and if you run on pavement or sidewalks, which I do recommend from the start, the skin will be naturally exfoliated, which will help it stay healthy and clean.

And for ladies who like to paint their toenails....yes, you can still do it without hindrance.
This assurance comes directly from barefoot runner extraordinaire Jessica Lee-Sandler. Jessica is president of the Runbare Company, and the founder of the Boulder (CO) Barefoot Runners Meet-Up Club, one of the first barefoot running clubs in the U.S.A., which I now run.

Today I posted a photo I took before starting my Yoga session. My feet have covered many miles on the pavement and some trails, too. This picture reflects four years of barefoot running.

Sure, they'll be dirty at the end of a run, but since you have to wash your feet every day no matter what, it's no big deal.

Take a proper approach to barefoot running and your feet will only look better, they'll feel better as well. In fact. You'll feel better from head to toe.

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