Thursday, April 4, 2013

Global Barefooter-Russia

Russians make up the fourth largest group of this blogs readers (thank you). I'm finding quite surplus of barefoot models from that country, and that barefooting is pretty popular there, too.

I have to wonder if folks just naturally get into going barefoot when it's warm if they live where there's a long winter. I used to live in the mountains New Hampshire and that's when I started. The mountains there are small, laughable by Rocky Mountain standards, but they do boast the worst weather in the world. Yes, little, old Mount Washington has worse weather than the Himalayas.

I recall a winter where the snow came down two feet at a time, and it six feet high on either side of the walk way by the time April came around. I  never went barefoot outdoors back then; it was still a "no-no" to me. I felt I was rebelling against all conformity when, after removing yet another pile of snow to widen the driveway, I walked barefoot for the whole length, about 200 feet, just because it was warm enough that I finally could. Shortly after, I started practicing Yoga and the rest is history.

The Russian winter makes the New Hampshire winter seem short, so perhaps it is desirable to ditch shoes as soon as possible. I have read the Russian runners do many drills barefoot, but I have yet been able to verify my sources.

Peter Fabok, a barefoot runner from Slovakia has lived both in Moscow and St Petersburg. Some of his runs do include VFF toe shoes, but one can't really hold it against him given the number of sub-zero days there. Peter is nicknamed the "Barefoot Ambassador" of Moscow.

I avoid strange modeling sites, and I don't ever do fetish stuff (thanks for never posting it here). The Russian-based site known as City Feet posts pictures of smiling models standing barefoot in snow! There are also summer pictures. The site claims all models are over 18 years of age, and I've found nothing to the  contrary, nor did I find any inappropriate material, as far as I can tell.

The model on City Feet know as "Olga" was once found among the network of barefooters that included my coach and close friend, and that's the reason I deemed it no inappropriate to post City Feet's link.

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