Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Barefoot Doctrine Update

The Barefoot Doctrine is now on the web!  It is part of the Almost Barefoot website that is now under construction.

One noteworthy addition: it's about wearing clogs. Clogs., especially ones with wooden bottoms, are a great choice when we must wear shoes and can't get away with sandals or flip flops.


1.    Go barefoot in your home forever more. If you already do, then take some time every day to slow down and be aware you are barefoot. Feel, and remember how you feel and what makes it significant. 
2.     Go barefoot outdoors each day for at least a short time and make not of how it feels. What makes it different? What makes it significant? 
3.     Practice Yoga. If you already practice Yoga, practice a bit more. Make it a bigger part of your life. It’s the oldest athletic discipline still practiced in its original form and it is always practiced barefoot. It connects you with the ground and with Earth's magnetic pulse, which matches the magnetic pulse of your body and creates total balance.
4.    Take a barefoot walk or a run. If you're not normally into taking runs or walks, you'll feel the significance easier because the experience will be so new. Take a walk to the mail box, around the block, or in a park. Venture beyond normal boundaries while barefoot to awaken your body and open your mind and heart to a newer, freer state. 
5.     Don’t wear sneakers; wear sandals. Save athletic shoes for activities that require them. Sandals let your feet be more free, and closer to being barefoot. Buy a pair if you don’t currently have some.
6.    Wear clogs when you must wear a closed shoe. Clogs let you keep your sense of barefoot freedom. They can be worn without socks and you can kick them off under the desk or when outside. Closed-back clogs are available when safety requires closed back shoes. If you don’t have any clogs, buy a pair soon.
7.    Try a barefoot sport. Wonderful sports are done barefoot every day: Beach volleyball. Swimming. Pilates. And of course, Yoga. An increasing number of fitness teachers are offer barefoot classes: Aerobics, Zumba, and new classes like willPower & Grace®. Once you try working out this way, you may never go back.
8.    Do something barefoot that's not normally done that way. Create something new! Maybe barefoot soccer. (No one needs cleats!) Or anything else. The choice is yours. The options are countless.
9.    Go barefoot for health. Going barefoot is justified for improving your health. It helps end joint pain and develop muscles made dormant by wearing shoes. It also frees your mind and rekindles your natural awareness. 
10.  Go barefoot in the summer rain. It will give you a new sense of freedom that you'll remember whenever it rains in the future, even when your shoes are on. To do it is to relax and be alive.
11.  Go barefoot for strength. Going barefoot means using every muscle in your feet and legs that you don't use with shoes. As it heightens your awareness it gives you spiritual strength and stability in your connection with the Earth.

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