Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Global Barefooter-Canada

Today I'm taking a quick look at barefooting in Canada. The practice appears popular among my wonderful neighbors to the north. I've only visited Canada in the summer, and in sandals. I haven't had the pleasure of going there in quite a few years, but cyber friends speak of barefooting as acceptable and enjoyed by a sizable number of citizens.

Canadians are the third biggest reader group to visit Almost Barefoot (thank you!), the 2nd largest is Germany and the first is the country of Almost Barefoot's origin, the Good Ol' U.S.A.

Barefooting seems to be most popular in Toronto, Ontario, the residence of Barefoot Moe Morales, a far-flung member of the Boulder Barefoot Running Club.

Moe is an original contributor to Barefoot Planet, and excellent website with links to many credible resources for barefooters to educate themselves and to enjoy a good read, I attest. It includes a number of recent interviews and statements made by doctors on the benefits of barefoot fitness. The site is affiliated with another, Barefoot Canada, which also has many useful links.

I wish a great, barefoot day to everyone. And to my Canadian readers, Thank you/Merci!

"Barefoot Moe" Morales in Toronto, Ontario. Photo from Barefoot Canada. Photographer not named.

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