Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Go barefoot. With gratitude.

I like my freedom. I like it when my biggest concern is planning my time so that I don't have to wear shoes. But when bombs blow up at the finish line o the race I'd most like to run barefoot, I start to think more that the life I enjoy hangs in delicate balance.

I think of sacrifices made by others so I could live this wonderful life, and as I remember to be a bit more humble, I ask others to share in tis obligation. Let's face it, we want our good lives to remain good.

Today I remember my obligation to the society I live in and all of the people I share it with.

It doesn't mean I won't occasionally go barefoot where I'm "not supposed to" as I've done before and will do again. But I am forced to think more about what it means as a luxury.

In addition to the two people are dead from yesterday's blasts in Boston, three people who were somebody's children, three people who are never coming home, dozens of survivors of the blasts had a foot or leg blow off.

I think of how much I enjoy going barefoot, and the fact that all these injured people can never again enjoy this luxury that is such a conscious part of every day of my life.

This is not written to invoke guilt. Go barefoot. Enjoy it. Love it. Let others know you love it.

And as you do so,  BE GRATEFUL.

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