Saturday, February 15, 2014

Barefoot bicycling-People love it!

If all you're doing is cruising on your bike, all you need are these bike pedals for bare feet, and you will be able to skip wearing shoes altogether. barefoot bike pedals for sandy feet at the beach come in half-inch and nine-sixteenth inch threadsBut there's way more to say and see with barefoot biking!

Lady Gaga barefoot biking. Nice.

Barefoot bicycling gets a closer look today. I've pondered the idea ever  since interviewing one of our most popular human subjects, Yogi Paula Van Alstine. We've found lots of women and men seem to dig it.

Barefoot bicycling may be just another perk of barefoot living, but biking barefoot is, apparently, more doable than one would think and it seems we have some devoted barefoot cyclists in our midst. Some are celebrities and some are ordinary people-though the longer I live, the more I find "ordinary" people to be quite extraordinary.

Barefoot bicycling is both a sport of leisure and one of science and serious athletics.  Some folks who just like being barefoot adapted things on their own to be that way.

Then there are people like Lady Gaga, who, surprise, does it to make a statement. In this case, in the picture the the left, Gaga is cruising the streets on Copenhagen barefoot on her bike. She loves to bike, with or without shoes, as her followers are well aware. In this case, she is said to be doing it to encourage someone close to her to stop drinking. 

I want to ride my bicycle: Paris didn't need footwear to pedal through the streets
Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, cruises barefoot on her bike in Van Nuys, CA. Later, she also strutted the sidewalks sans shoes.
Paula is a person who does her own thing by her own rules-she a powerful woman who is
Yogini Paula, biking barefoot
successful in her career and who mixes her humble side with her strength and is a complete person who we dig for keeping it real. But Paula is just one f quite a few people who bike barefoot.

To bike barefoot, you of course need a peddle that doesn't make for to much pain. The foot can't collapse within the peddle or you'll lose power and hurt from the foot to the hip.

James Wilson
James Wilson
Biking professionals tell us there's a lot of science to flat peddles. James Wilson of Mountain Bike Strength Training Systems  equated porper peddling, even with shoes on, to barefoot motion.

Pro Cyclist Ben Greenfield favors custom shoes by Rocket-pricey but effective, he says. Ben's budget is bit bigger than those of most of us.rocket7So bit it. It still says a lot for the science. But what it boils down to, if you're cruising, is that all you need is a flat peddle that lets you push down without pushing through and lets your foot move naturally, like the better running running sandals do.

Indian barefoot mountain biker Data Patil rips it up as he's done for along time-without shoes.....

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  1. I am a barefoot ultra runner who runs 85-150 miles per week year round. I also have a pair of Rocket7s attached to Speed Play pedals sitting in my garage from my 23 yr career in semi pro cycling.