Sunday, February 16, 2014

Barefoot in Britain some cool news!

Exjperience: I don't wear shoes
Photo by Fabio De Paola for the Guardian
Living Barefoot in Britain and loving it!

 "Think about it: at home or on holiday, what's the first thing you do? Kick off your shoes. This is an extension of that."

Good Morning, wherever you are, and for that matter, it may be good evening.

Almost Barefoot's British readers are numerous, and just in case any of them missed this in the Gaurdian over the last day or two-here's some cool news on barefooting in Britain.

This woman lives in Sheffield, a city more famous for cutlery than barefoot living.

"It's been so liberating. It feels as if you're at one with the world. Every path and pavement is different and exciting. I go to the Peak District sometimes. The rocks there are best, because you feel as if your feet are moulding round the," she told the Guardian.

She works from home-a great luxury for one who wants to live without shoes, but there's plenty of in-between time we can go barefoot if we must wear shoes to work.

She's also marathoner. She hurt her foot while training and took to barefooting for rehab, and now its her life.

"I went everywhere without shoes: shops, pubs, galleries, work meetings. The pain disappeared and instead it started to feel as if my feet were constantly being given an amazing massage. I'd look forward to walking on different surfaces – I especially love the texture of the white paint on zebra crossings. Every street suddenly felt rich and alive. After those two weeks, I put on shoes again and my feet felt imprisoned. I decided there and then I'd go barefoot for good."

She says most people hardly question that she goes barefoot.......all the time.... everywhere.

Read the whole story in the Guardian by clicking here!