Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Barefooters beware-You're disdained before your sandals even come off!

I've found something too funny not to share, so today has to be a comedy day for barefooters and Almost Barefooters alike.......

Do read on!

Dana Stevens
Wanted: for Disdaining Flip Flops! Slate profile
A sworn enemy of Almost Barefooting.....Reporter Dana Stevens of Slate Magazine.....how does a movie critic get licensed to be a lifestyle critic? Since I'm a critic of those who disdain my flip-flops, am I now qualified to be a locomotive engineer? I've wanted to drive a train even since I was little!

Dana wrote the following in Slate Magazine this past summer about flip flops:

"They’re unsightly, unhygienic, and unfit for public display" and called herself a "live-and-let-live type of gal in the same article".

I would say that a more accurate description of our friend Dana is "contradiction" 

Dana called flip-flops "the bane of society"...LOL!
Photo from Wikipedia commons
Also wanted for disdaining flip flops! Wikipedia
Amanda Marcotte, another Slate writer, "signed off" on Dana's position in The Raw Story in a Pandagon post. 

But in reality, flip flops are wonderful for a lot of reasons:

Here are just few.......they are good for the health of your feet and your body
  • They allow your feet to retain their true, natural shape, rather than get squished by shoes and develop all the associated problems. 
  • They allow the fascia-to retain their natural length. The fascia tendons in the bottoms of your foot are the ones that  get too short from wearing shoes and result in what's called planter fasciitis. 
  • They allow the foot to move naturally and completely, developing the muscles and developing the foot's own natural support system that prevent tilted pelvises and bad backs. among other things caused by a weak foundation. 
Do walk on!

A woman walks with flip flops in Washington, July 15, 2003.
hoto by William Philpott/Reuters for Slate

 Long live flip flops, for all those times we can't be totally barefoot, we can remain...Almost Barefoot!!   

And long live the First Amendment, the Constitution, and Freedom of Speech in the USA! And Dana, while you're viewpoint gets totally smashed here, we do respect your right to express your opinion, and we respect your opinion, even though it's our opinion that yours is totally wrong.

We'd like to thank The Raw Story, Amanda Marcotte and her Pandagon post, and Dana Stevens for helping expose the story that led to this post! Read Amanda's post by clicking this link! Both have rather impressive writing credentials-though the cussing isn't really necessary. I
n Almost Barefoot's opinion, they could both maybe, kick off their shoes and relax. Ladies, if you're too afraid of flip flops, maybe try a Yoga class-it's OK to be barefoot there, and millions of American women and men will agree with me. 

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