Friday, February 21, 2014

Barefoot women singers

There's something about being barefoot that frees the mind and heart for sincere expression. 

To be barefoot at work is a wonderful luxury artists have.

But then, since it is so tied to free expression, it just may be that bare feet are the work shoes of the artist, just as steel-toe boots are the work shoes of people who do heavy factory work, or non-conducting soles are the work shoes of electricians. 
Photo byCelebFeet

Today, one of Almost Barefoot's readers, Descult Dinu of Romania, launched Music Live Barefoot, a Facebook page dedicated to female singers who like to preform barefoot.

Thinking back to the early 1990's, barefooting was still more of an oddity. Back then, Jewel (left) was a brand new artist-she sang pop-folk tunes and was always barefoot-it was like her trademark back then, long before she got into country and dressed like a cowgirl. 

Below, we see Jewel almost barefoot, singing the National Anthem at the Indy 500.

photo by Darren Cummings of Associated Press for the Washington Post


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