Thursday, February 27, 2014

Barefoot in Canada

I may be just an American, but I grew up close enough to Canada to know you can't be a Canadian if you can't tolerate winter.

But to brave a Canadian winter, voluntarily without shoes ups the ante.

Almost Barefoot has a good number of Canadian readers and today we look at some Canadian barefooters.....some who run in the snow, some who just run as long as there's land to run on, and some who sing!

Back in 1968, Anne Murray became the first Canadian woman to top the American pop charts with You Needed Me. In the photo below, one of many appearances Anne made sans shoes.
Barefoot became Anne's trademark in the 1960s when she began her long, prosperous career. From CBC Still Photo Collection
Canadian Grant Curle is a self-taught barefoot athletic trainer and a snow runner.Check out this awesome article about him in the Star, which includes great video link. 

And this guy.......Joseph Michael Liu Kai-Tsu Roqueni......
Barefoot runner: Joseph Michael Liu Kai-Tsu Roqueni, 32, will run without shoes from Canada to Argentina to raise money for charity
I need to find an update!  He left the beautiful city of Montreal in July to run to the southern tip of Argentina...all barefoot!   Beat that, Forrest  Gump!    More to come. 


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