Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Barefoot skateboarding is the original "sidewalk surfing"!

Thank you to everyone who read yesterday's post on barefoot skateboarder extraordinaire Pat McGee and to all my readers.

Pat McGee shreded the pound and pounded old stereotypes about women to death back in the 1960's when she became the sport's first female champion.

Evidently, barefoot was once the ONLY way skateboarding was done in the '60's-its connection to wave surfing had to be respected!  Today, it remains quite popular.

"In the '60s, I had a skateboard and did it barefoot. There was no other way to do it - at least nobody would have even considered wearing shoes while doing it. It was supposed to simulate surfboarding - in fact was sometimes referred to as "sidewalk surfing."

-Kriss Sands, Society for Barefoot Living.   

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