Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Barefoot Running Profiles-Meet Barefoot Rick

Barefoot Rick is quite an accomplished athlete in terms of running and running barefoot.

Running barefoot is spiritual for Rick, in more ways than one. Of course, running barefoot automatically awaken's one's own spirit and helps one remember that in every body, there is also a soul inside.

His full name is Rick Roeber, and like many barefooters-he ran many miles with shoes-'til things started to hurt. He took off his shoes and well, the rest is history-his recovery became a spiritual DIScovery. He made a connection with God as he sees God, and began an ambitious mission to help others through his sport.

Rick "runs for Jesus", and for people in need. His religious focus is his own thing, but he takes it to heart and shares the charity with others as he says is his own obligation, and finds that giving of himself to others has been very rewarding to him.

barefoot rick

Rick partnered with "Soles for Souls" and raised money for victims of war who lost heir feet or legs so they could acquire wheelchairs and prosthetics. He is constantly involved in charity work now, and runs for many.

He's currently training for the Jerusalem Marathon, which takes place in just two weeks. That will add 26+ mils to the over 22,000 he's run since 2003!


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