Friday, February 21, 2014

Barefoot Hippie Chick Kisses President


Barefoot Hippie Chick Kisses President!

                    Oh!Bama!!!                                      Plant one on me, baby!!!!

"No one knows how she got clearance from Secret Service. She tip-toed up, flowers in hand, and planted a kiss right on President Obama's cheek, and that her face said clearly she wanted much more....."   -Witness speaking on condition of anonymity.

Now, if this were President Clinton, the only thing people would say is:

"Was she pretty??????"

If it were President George Dubya Bush, the only thing people would say is:
"All he thinks about is war!!!!!" 

If any of this about President Obama was true, we're sure Michelle would have more "flowery" comments!

Except that, to our knowledge, nothing said above about President Obama is true. You're laughing now because you know that what people would say about Bill Clinton or George Bush II likely would be true.

It is true, however, that the United States of America is a wonderful place to be becasue we have free speech and freedom of the press.

It's Friday in America and life is good!     


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