Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Barefoot Skateboarding

I stumbled on this this morning. Way too cool! There's no way I could avoid posting this!

Barefoot living means many things. So does barefoot athletics.

Pat McGee rides barefoot as she demonstrates her skateboarding technique  in California. Looking ever so stylish, might we add, in that red sweater and white pants.
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Barefoot skateboarding? Now that's really pushing the limits!!

The photos here date back to the 1960s. Women were certainly making recognizable waves by then, but this just takes the cake. The woman on the board, Pat MgGee, was a ranked champion in 1965 when this shot was taken, and articles in I Skate, Therefore I Am report that she was the first female champion.

Pat McGee, inductee at the IASC and 1965 skateboard champion

Californians must be laughing at me now,  since I wasn't even aware that skateboarding was already a popular sport in 1965, but then again, it really equates to land surfing-and that would just make it appropriate in surf country, USA  (I really do need to write more on one of the world's greatest barefoot sports! )

What else can I say?  This whole idea just kicks a#@!  Skateboarding was apparently established by then on the west coast. A surfer needed a way to practice when waves weren't big enough-that came out of the 1940s, sources say.  But the world of the 1940s said that "ladies didn't do that sort of thing" or something silly like that. I prefer Pat MgGee's approach to answering that question!

Patwas an ultimate pioneer as an athlete and as a woman. Barefoot skateboarding, though, actually seems to be common, in a relative manner of speaking! Proceed at your own risk!


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