Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stinky, barefoot hippies beware! Shoes are required for a certain climbing wall-Today is comedy day!

Dirty barefoot hippiesThis picture was on the post about stinky barefoot hippies.

Barefoot on the Mall '09 inset 1
A barefoot woman climbs a wall at East Carolina University Expo

Today's findings were humorous and interesting. I have a friend who climbs barefoot-she is always barefoot and carries sandals in her bag just in case she's somewhere she has to be and can't not wear shoes.

Since I was posting about barefoot skateboarding, and found so many people who see doing that as pretty normal, I said: "why not look at rock climbing?"

After all, climbing rocks requires the utmost agility and awareness, so even with the risk of injury to the feet, climbing barefoot makes sense becasue surefooted-ness can prevent even bigger injuries.

What was funny about researching the topic was how a gym owner wrote an opinionated post about how he banned barefoot climbing on the gym's wall once he took over-he said nothing about injury or such potentially-associated liability, but rather, he banned it becasue he thought it was "gross" and said-LOL-"you can figure out who the stinky barefoot hippies are in this thread".

I had to laugh. The individual did refer to the concern of spreading fungus on the wall's holds as his reason, and added that whatever is done outside in the climber's business. I will respect his opinion and not make a stink, LOL.

I love freedom of speech, and had to laugh at tone of the post regardless of the position. I guess the person who referred to "stinky  barefoot hippies" qualified as one of the "cranky people in the thread".  LOL; that's my opinion and I'll just have to laugh and leave it at that.

IBarefoot climbing does appear to be popular!

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  1. I am a 24/7 BAREFOOTER, with Thickly Calloused, permanently Black Bare Feet, and I think their Bare Feet are amazing!