Sunday, February 23, 2014

Barefoot in Germany

barefoot Maria in Leipzig by Burkhard1955
A woman known only as "Barefoot Maria" waits for a train in Leipzig , photographed by Burkhard55

Barfuss in Deutschland  ...                                            Barefoot Germany......................................................It is amazing how many Germans speak English, so I thought I'd sprinkle a little Deutsche into this post. German readers are frequent visitors to Almost Barefoot-so I say thank you-danke-as well as to all who stop by to read.  

Germany is known for being barefoot-friendly. We've found a lot of positive stories. Certainly, the photos taken by Burkhard55 in DeviantArt show the ease of photographing people barefoot in the middle of the day in busy urban venues.  
Well-known barefoot runner "Barefoot Rick"-who runs for Jesus and for charities of many causes, called Germany's capital "Barefoot -friendly Berlin". Barefoot Rick has raised money for causes around the world and we hope to visit him sometime soon here. He runs barefoot to raise funds for all sorts of people with mobility challenges. boston barefoot running  I wish I could say "so long from our German bureau, but we really don't have a German bureau, so I'll just say so long and happy Sunday....und Auf Wiedersehen!   Blessings! 

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