Monday, March 10, 2014

Bare feet required to work at London company-no kidding.

Try this company on for size................................

In addition to being a qualified architect/person who can properly serve and architectural firm,there's one more stipulation if you want to work at this company. 

Here, Bare feet are REQUIRED in the office.

Welcome to AL_A..that's Amanda Levete Architects for those who don't know.

This takes barefooting in Britain to a whole new level.     So...who wants to be an architect?
amanda levete
The barefoot boss, CEO Amanda Levete of Amanda Levete Architercts. Photo by Andy Hall for the Observer

The firm is not some hippie-ized anomaly.  Quite by contrast, they are cutting edge. Going barefoot, while certainly enjoyable for the employees, isn't about being excessively laid bac. Rather, it's about natuarlly stimulating people to be more creative. 

"Well, it keeps the carpet clean," says Levete drily. "Also it's a great leveller, and it's relaxing: you can put your feet on the sofas."
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg just  might want to pay a visit.

This quote was collected by the Guardian/Observer in 2011 by article writer Elizabeth Day


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  1. My girlfriend Rhonda stumbled upon this article reguarding Amanda Levete Architercts & how barefeet are required to work at her company. It's about naturally stimulating people to be more creative as it states. Well I would definitely agree with her as does my girlfriend & our new manager . My girlfriend Rhonda & I work in a small-mid sized thrift/antique store here in the U.S. & our new manager Sheri Ann has a barefeet at work policy. Sheri Ann's staff consists of only my girlfriend, & her mom whose name just happened to be Rhonda too & myself. Working barefoot is definitely comfortable, but with reguards to of little store it helps us be more creative with rearranging/displaying the merchandise & new merchandise we have.