Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tired of imported running shoes? Here's the answer

Tired of imported running shoes?????

Then don't wear any running shoes!    

Of course, running shoes do make good hand weights.......

Michael Sandler even said so and let's just say  he knows a bit about barefoot running, 

These American made running shoes by New Balance's USA Collection would look great on the hands!

New Balance 940v2, White with Silver & Kinetic BlueNew Balance 840v2, Black with Grey & Lime Green



  1. Personally I don't get barefoot running as a solely barefoot discipline.

    I tried it and got hurt - not from some ankle misdemeanour or because my foot started hurting but because I got cut.

    Walking over uneven terrain can be tricky, running over grass is fun but running over uneven terrain? No, I will get minimalist running tools before I try that again!

  2. The "shoes" are the ones we were born with..............tired of imported running shoes.....don't wear any..that's one solution!