Thursday, March 6, 2014

Barefoot and Powerful-a Walk with DeAnne

Discovering Strength through Life -A Barefoot Walk with DeAnne Wolfgram                 Part One

Humbled and at the same time feeling very powerful, DeAnne stands barefoot in Chartres Cathedral in France.
The nerves in the feet have direct connections to each of our organs and each sensory zone in the body. It’s no coincidence that our senses come alive when our shoes come off.

Spiritual Leader DeAnne Wolfgram spoke to us this week to give us some perspective. This is contribution is part of an ongoing series called Barefoot and Powerful, where we explore how being barefoot is empowering to women.

DeAnne's barefoot experience is an amazing one. There's too much good content to leave anything out, so we'll be publishing her story over the next three days.  Click to read entire interview today.

Your own spiritual path is a rich one. Was it this path that awakened your urge to go barefoot?

My path truly has led me to deep and expansive inner and outer journeys. In recent years, I’ve come to appreciate an awareness of the union between the sensual and the sacred, the playful and the prayerful. So therefore YES, my spiritual path led me to walk more and more of the time with naked feet. Not only is it sacred and sensual it is also playful. I believe we came into our earthly experience joyfully and playfully, ready for adventures. All of that is part of experiencing the life’s journey with bare feet and an open, naked, compassionate and playful heart.

My barefoot urge also arises from my very important need to ground myself regularly. As a very feeling creature, it is grounding, soothing and connecting for me to walk intentionally, placing my bare feet upon the earth when I can.
Becoming more attuned to my body’s messages and its innate wisdom is precious and important. I believe that is true for all of us. It is an ongoing process of awareness and discovery listening to our body’s messages. Going barefoot more is a part of that sensual sacred connection with myself and with the home that we call our beautiful earth.

I have also recognized for myself personally that grounding and connecting my body with the earth are especially important. My intuitive and intellectual essences are stronger than I once knew, as is my emphatic compassionate awareness. Given all of this, I can easily fly off or have my energy scattered out to many places and people if I don’t lovingly and intentionally tether myself. I find that my consciousness easily and openly connects with others in various ways; therefore if I do not nurture myself with quiet, calm and grounded earth connection, my own balance, center and harmony can get out of whack.
Walking barefoot allows me to own that sacred, sensual, prayerful, and playful connection in a grounded and present way.

We'll return tomorrow for Part Two of DeAnne's story

Thank you, DeAnne!


More about DeAnne

DeAnne joined us to tell how being barefoot helped her in her journey to discover and empower herself. She has a unique and wonderful occupation she has created for herself that helps women empower themselves and create positive energy with the goal of healing the world of the harsh, power-based focus that keeps cultures at odds.
DeAnne is a guide for Sacred Circle Retreats, a very unique business with this focus: By Healing Ourselves, We Heal the World. Truly empowered people empower others through leading by example, through supporting others to empower themselves and by acknowledging everyone’s positive contributions.

She is also the founder and facilitator of Conscious Connections Now, a unique organization that focuses on changing the world through the power of love, community and collaboration. 

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  1. What a lovely knowing this is and DeAnne expresses her awareness so beautifully and with a tender love of her self and her world.