Monday, March 24, 2014

Going barefoot reduces stress

Going barefoot reduces stress, but how?

Those of us who live Almost Barefoot or always barefoot still like barefooting for the same reason-it feels good and makes your legs, ankles and feet stronger.

All kinds of physical health problems can be avoided by going barefoot each day. But what about stress reduction?

Dieter Breithecker, head of Germany's Federal Institute for Posture and Mobilization says barefooting reduces stress. he told several publications. he also said children shouldn't be made to sit still all the time.

"Putting the soles of your feet in contact with all the normal sensations helps to relieve internal tension and reduce stress. Shoes, on the other hand, prevent direct contact with the ground and so adversely affect the health of our feet, balance and posture,"  Dr. Dieter Breithecker, ergonomics expert

If we can't go barefoot all the time, a daily barefoot workout will do much to help.

Walking barefoot is an active version of reflexology, so is barefoot exercise even on a flat floor.

Reflexology is the activation of difference bodily energy centers by stimulating the respective contact point sin your feet, sort of like acupuncture.
Stacey Lei Krauss, founder of willPower and Grace barefoot fitness workout and co-owner of the Will Power Fit Studio in Denver, CO

Barefoot fitness teacher Stacey Lei Krauss points out that the pressure points of your feet each connect to one of your major organs and thus play a huge role in physical homeostasis. Krauss patented the willPower and Grace Fitness method, which she teaches at her studio in Denver, CO 

Go barefoot at home. Take a barefoot walk. Take a barefoot class. Reap the benefits.

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