Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Podiatrist recommends going barefoot

Barefoot therapy still resides mostly in the alternative medical community.

We see adds for ever-more-sophisticated shoes and custom orthotics to "fix" our feet.

However, a popular medical doctor makes it a point to teach how barefooting builds foot strength and stronger legs as well.

Dr, Emily Splichal is also know as "Dr. Legs". In addition to her practice in NYC as a Podiatrist-a medical doctor who focuses on foot health-she teaches barefoot fitness classes and techniques.

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Dr. Splichal's popular programs include Catwalk Confidence.

Two key points Dr. Splichal makes:

  • Most modern-day foot problems can be solved with foot-strengthening exercises that are done barefoot.
  • A woman who wants to keep wearing stilettos can do so if she follows the right foot workout program. 
Her successful programs to help women maintain healthy feet and still enjoy wearing stilettos is the reason many women love her work-and I doubt their boyfriends or husbands are complaining about it!


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