Friday, March 28, 2014

Barefoot And Powerful-the New Feminine Leader

She Embraces the Mistery

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you wee this picture?

Many might make remarks about fetishes and other things. Almost Barefoot doesn't do fetish stuff, ever, and certainly, we ask folks who are into that to keep it to themselves. But we're not making a mission statement today.

This picture comes from the Goddess Collective, a group of positive, empowered, strong women who work to teach and support other women in developing their own sense of self, their own strength and wisdom within the realm of their feminine identities.

They teach women how to be positive leaders using the feminine perspective. This something Almost Barefoot does indeed support.

They used this picture as one of their Nine Principles Of Feminine Leadership, as principle number eight states:

"She [the successful feminine leader] Embraces Mystery"

She enthusiastically receives manifested gifts, in full embrace of her worthiness.

She Knows that good things will come your way and be willing to say Yes to them.

She Accepts that sometimes even with the best intentions that things go“ Wonky”.

She Holds curiosity about the emerging new.

She Holds the deep knowing that all experiences are an opportunity for growth. 

Here we deepen into the practice of Intuition, Growth Opportunities, and Celebrating the Unknown.

But while we support feminism, the empowerment of women, and the teaching of today's girls that they are the future leaders, we simply want to say with this picture that is says a couple of key things:

 The fact that i it used by a women's leadership group in an add to teach women how to be feminine leaders, it shows that the barefoot woman is now symbol of power. Every time the image of the barefoot woman is used positively like this, we come closer to erasing the negative stereotype of the barefoot woman. 

It is a positive example of what we've said before here, that the barefoot woman is an enduring symbol of goddess-like quality that intrigues everyone who sees such an image, and without any connection to a fetish.

Walk on,barefoot women, acknowledge your positive power and may we recognize it so that our entire world becomes a better place.

To learn more about feminine leader training:

Women who seek feminine leadership training can learn more about the Goddess Collective's upcoming program in June by going to their website. Almost Barefoot supports your positive growth!


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