Monday, March 3, 2014

Barefoot walking-a way to meditate and get grounded while still moving

Not everybody can dig meditating while sitting down. Even as a successful Yoga instructor who does dig meditating while sitting down, I still attest that "sitting still"-by the standards of everyone who told me to do it when I was a child-was quite overrated.

Lots of people think sitting still is over-rated, and that's OK. 

Here's why:  because you can get many of the same benefits from a good barefoot walk.

Earthing literally means getting reconnected with the planet's electromagnetic pulse-the very same electromagnetic pulse our bodies have. Our electro-pulse gets disrupted by every electric wave artificially-created in our human world. 

Walkabout Magazine discussed Earthing in an interview Michael Sandler, a famous runner who, with his wife, Jessica, lives his whole life barefoot. They two are the reason Whole Foods stores in parts of Hawaii now permit barefoot shopping.
Michael and Jessica strolling barefoot in Hawaii

The health blog Care2 also discussed Earthing in an article by health writer and feng shui consultant Erica Sofina

When we sit and meditate outdoors, we reconnect with that pulse. So it's not just the meditation technique that puts us back into emotional balance, it's also the simple, physical connection with the ground. 

So take a barefoot walk outdoors for 20 minutes a day and you'll get the same, grounding connection you need and you'll help occupy and chill your mind with your walking movement. 


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