Saturday, March 1, 2014

Go barefoot at work...what people think

Go barefoot at work ?

Dressed  magazine looked at barefooting at work in summer 2013. Summer is fast approaching once again........

What do YOU think?
57% of Americans seem to dig it.

According to Fast Company, that's how many Americans seem cool with going barefoot at the office in the USA. Fast Company referred to a survey done this past summer by Adecco.

Who agrees? A great Brit!

"I was padding around in my office without my shoes on yesterday, but obviously in public events when I have to respect the dignity of the office I put my shoes back on."

-Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to the BBC in July

Thank you, Mr. Deputy Prime Minister, for your pragmatic approach to progressive barefooting! 

For those of us with less-prestigious positions, we may be relegated to kicking shoes off under our desks.

If all else fails...become a Yoga teacher!



  1. I used to go barefoot at work all the time until the sales department had a meeting. Since I am the most publicly visible of all company employees there was some concern about company image. I took my year end bonus and bought some Vibram 5 Fingers, which seems to have amused everyone. Next - moccasins. I plan a collection of minimalist footwear, which the advertisers seem to really like. Go figure.

    Yes, this is silly and a poor compromise, but it's a good job I don't want to leave.

  2. You're position probably represents the views of most of us who'd prefer to be shoeless. Do you work in the USA?

  3. Is there a lot of barefoot living here in the U.S.A.?

  4. I think its great. Going barefoot feels and to me if you have nice looking feet - do it. It feels wonderful. I loved offices that were relaxed about that. It just felt much better. It also kept my feet cleaner longer - they don't sweat unless socks and shoes were on them. - Yuck . - Go barefoot!!!!!!!!!!!!