Monday, March 31, 2014

Barefoot Fitness-Where Do I Start?

Barefoot Fitness continues to grow as a workout trend, but it is still a very new idea. Lot's of people are interested in it, but it is still just an idea for most athletes-both recreational or professional.

A of people are asking where to start with barefoot fitness, what barefoot workouts are available, and what are the benefits of barefoot fitness.

Start with Yoga

Why? Yoga is slow enough to get the hang of it quickly even if you've never done it. Since it is done on a soft mat, you can do as much Yoga as you want without worrying about the bottoms of your feet not being conditioned yet. Also, Yoga is diverse enough that you won't fatigue the muscles made "lazy" from shoes.

In addition, Yoga is now widely available at most gyms and fitness centers, so you can take a class and consult your teacher for specifics. Yoga gets you in tune with being grounded in bare feet and making a conscious connection between your feet and the rest of your body when you exercise.

Add Short Barefoot Runs

Running may not be your thing, but short barefoot runs, we're talking fifty or a hundred yards, will help you start to awaken the lazy muscles and strengthen your feet and ankles. Walking around the house bareople need to know other options, like foot helps, but a conscious act of exercising does more to build the essential mind-body connection.

If you are into running, still keep your barefoot runs short while you condition your feet and ankles. The exception is if you do a lot of running in toe shoes.

This picture above comes from and the associated books by Michael Sandler, which are among other sorceresses we'll look at in the future.

Barefoot Cardio Programs

I never discourage jumping into a barefoot cardio class-there just aren't many available yet, so people need to know other options to get started.

There a re a few well-known studios scattered about the country these days, like Barefoot Fitness in Spearfish, SD,and  willPower and Grace in Denver, CO. Dr. Emily Splichal teaches classes in NYC and does different workshops in different areas. EFBA also hosts various workshops. If you're in Washington State, the well-known barefoot runner and yogini Barefoot Angie Bee teaches a numberof classes along with Tina Dubois at Natural Running.

We'll be revisiting this question in the coming days and weeks as we seek input from premier barefoot fitness instructor and continue to find more resources for you!

The author, Vincent Gerbino is a Certified YogaFit Yoga Teacher, ans AFAA-Certified Group Fitness Instructor and a willPower and Grace intern. He has been teaching Yoga for nine years and supporting barefoot runners' training for five.


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