Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Barefoot goddess is a universal icon

The Universal Icon

Photo by Leisl Clark, owner of Claris Photography. The name of the goddess is unknown.
The idea of a barefoot woman invoking the image of a goddess provokes many reactions.

Some will speak of fetishes, some will speak of immature desires. I speak nothing of the sort. 

The barefoot woman is an iconic symbol, but rather than take my word for it, read the comment below.

"Loved this, thank you so much. There is truly something sacred called from our ancient memories of the Goddess when we are or witness a woman barefoot. Almost as though her Wild Feminine is walking the earth."

-DeAnne Wolfgram of Sacred Circle Retreats DeAnne Wolfgram Guide

DeAnne is a spiritual leader who is in the business of empowering women, and who emphasizes a powerful, matriarchal approach toward bettering the world, and embraces the idea that God is female as well as male. She's one of six spirit guides at Sacred Circle Retreats, which is about empowering women positively!

We are grateful for her kind words.

Her comment came from Facebook after she read Almost Barefoot's original post n the concept of the barefoot goddess that included the picture below. 
Yoga instructor and Paula Van Alstine poses in astravakrasana


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