Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Barefoot in Sheffield-Revisiting barefooting in the UK

Exjperience: I don't wear shoes
Photo by Fabio De Paola for the Guradian

We got an overwhelming number of readers the first time we posted about this woman, who lives her life barefoot in Sheffield, England.

Our barefoot celebrity's name is Bea Marshall and she's a mother of two children who also live an "almost-barefoot" lifestyle, to hear her tell it.

Bea was recently profiled in the British paper The Guardian back in February when Almost Barefoot found her.

Living barefoot means different things for different people.  She's a "well-heeled" example of living barefoot in an urban environment. Bea got her barefooting start when she developed pain while running. She took off her running shoes and the rest is history.

She also told her story to the BBC News , including how she was at her local police station to address a matter that had nothing to do with being barefoot and ended up getting reported to social services since she and her kids were barefoot at the time.

Bea Marshall
Bea in 2011, Article by Stephanie Barnard for BBC News

She also talks about being barred from night clubs for being barefoot, and says she'd be safer than intoxicated women in high heels.........

As far as her work is concerned, she's a professional woman in charge of her own life-she owns a web design business. In general, she's decided that the benefits of barefoot living outweigh the negative issues by far.



  1. It's weird really, shortly after your story and that of the Guardian's she appeared in another concerning her free spirited approach to parenting.

    I did a double take because it seemed unlikely that there could be two different Bea Marshalls yet the second article made no mention to her barefooting...

  2. Isn't that something? She didn't talk about her kids much in these.