Friday, March 14, 2014

Cure plantar fasciitis-Go Barefoot!

People continue to have plantar fasciitis because people keep trying to sure it by changing shoes.

Instead, get rid of the shoes. Walk barefoot a lot more often.

I have attended dozens of Michael Sandler's barefoot running lectures. A point he always made was how he used to have plantar fasciitis and spent hundreds of dollars each year on custom orthotics-all of which made his condition worse.  
Michael Sandler (left) with Jessica Lee-Sandler (right)
His nickname used to be "Mr. Plantar Fasciitis".  He trained me in barefoot running and cured my plantarfasciitis in theprocess.

That's how I know that everything in the latest post by Heidi Fiscus-(better known as Barefoot Heidi) on Barefoot and Paleo, is true.

This is an awesome article, so check it out!

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Fix your feet-ditch your shoes. As soon as you get home from work, take your shoes off and walk around. You'll soon be glad you are doing it. 


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