Friday, March 7, 2014

Barefoot and Powerful-Barefoot Walk in France with DeAnne

Discovering Strength through Life 
Barefoot and Powerful
-A Barefoot Walk with DeAnne        Part Two

Humbled and at the same time feeling very powerful, DeAnne stands barefoot in Chartres Cathedral in France after walking barefoot on the same paths as Mary Magdalene.

Spiritual Leader DeAnne Wolfgram gives us some perspective. 

This publication is part of an ongoing series called Barefoot and Powerful, where we explore how being barefoot is empowering to women.

You took a three-week spiritual journey in Europe. In your Facebook posts, you spoke of moments of realization-especially when you stood barefoot in the ancient Chartres Cathedral in France. 

Tell us why you decided to go barefoot at those moments and how it tied to your spiritual connections that you were making.

"Before I even departed for what I realized would be a very life-changing journey, I recognized that I had already experienced many momentous synchronistic events and strong energies leading up it.  There was a timeless depth and guidance happening that I couldn’t begin to understand yet knew to trust.  It certainly had the stirrings of soul agreements and ancient promises.  

"I felt a call, and I said, “Yes.” It would be, for me, a powerful, personal Divine Feminine heroine’s journey though I came to it with a great open, curious innocence and playful adventurous essence."

 "I realize that sharing the stories of what led up to this sacred travel experience would be the beginning of a biographical spiritual adventure book in and of itself. (I may well write that in time.) Given what I recognized before I even left home and knowing all the energy I was feeling, I knew to be very aware and open to guidance. This inner guidance continually steered my steps and my choices before and during what became my Divine Feminine journey through Europe.

One [my] friends, MelynndaButton, our Edgy Mystic at the Sacred Circle Retreats forum, had been intuitively guided to send me some beautiful Magdalene and Jesus posts and other messages before I set out...she lovingly encouraged me to walk barefoot as often as possible. 

"I literally and physically walk[ed] in the steps of Mary Magdalene in sacred southern France."

Thank you, Barefoot DeAnne!


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